Hippostick is dedicated to delivering the highest quality SUP and OC paddles with the uncompromising goal of performance. The story of Hippostick began at the Battle of the Paddle in 2010 when Danny Ching a world-renowned outrigger and SUP paddler and his father decided to build the best available paddles on the market.
Today, SUP, but also OC is much more than just a way of paddling. Danny Ching is still one of the world’s best paddlers and long held the world record for the 200 meter sprint distance. He combines all his knowledge in the Hippostick paddles. Hippostick has its roots in racing, but has quickly recognized the diversity of SUP and swears that every paddler, regardless of skill or activity, deserves the highest quality of paddles that will help them achieve their best possible performance.

Test Center with the different models is located in the South of Germany, close to the airport of Basel. There are also different places or events where you can test. To set up an appointment, please send a request