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  • Smallest Hippostick blade with 7.0″
  • Thin shaft specially designed for women & kids
  • Less stress due to small blade
  • Small but powerful blade design
  • Also available as PRO version
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The MANA Blade is designed as a smaller paddle for women and children. With a 7″ blade and aonly 26-mm shaft diameter, the MANA paddle puts less stress on shoulders and joints while paddling. It is designed for maximum catch and optimum release for every stroke.

30% 3K Carbon Fiber/ 70% Fiberglass handle, shaft, and blade. Since fiberglass is not as strong as carbon fiber it has more flex. More flex means that it is easier on your shoulders and joints, however more flex does mean a loss of output per stroke.

Ideal for any use and terrain. The MANA EXP has 43 mm flex and is also available to order as PRO model (100% carbon) with 36 mm flex available.

Pro: 420 Gramms // Exp: 480 Gramms

Blade Width: 7.0 // Blade Surface Area: 79 sq. inches

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