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  • Narrowest blade design
  • Collaboration of Dave Boehne & Danny Ching
  • Ideal surf paddle & efficient race paddle
  • Smooth catch & release
  • PRO or EXP version
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The BLURR is Hippostick’s narrowest blade design. It is designed by Danny Ching together with Dave Boehne (Infinity).  The goal was to create a paddle that had the design characteristics for an ideal surf paddle, without compromising its ability to be an efficient race and touring paddle.
The elongated blade and wider upper section match the surface area required for a good catch. The slim blade outline makes the paddle smoother entering and exiting the water more supple.
The Blurr is available as an EXP model with 43 mm shaft flex or as a PRO model with a stiff full carbon shaft and 36 mm flex.


Pro: 453 Gramms // Exp: 538 Gramms

Blade Width: 7.0 // Blade Surface Area: 84 sq. inches

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