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  • Smooth and comfortable long distance paddle
  • Save your shoulders
  • Has a natural catch the trains the rider to load properly
  • Less fatigue over time
  • Great for racing & touring
  • PRO or EXP version


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The VERVE is designed to help maintain high average speeds efficiently.  This blade loads perfectly under your body weight creating a solid, balanced catch. This balance leads to less fatigue over time while maintaining high average speeds.  The VERVE powers through the water with ease allowing the paddler to conserve energy during a workout or race, and can help protect your shoulders from wear and tear over time.  The VERVE is the smoothest sup paddle in the Hippostick sup family. “Mana Stroke Paddle” Quote by Danny Ching paddling with his daugther Mana.

Ideal for long distance paddling, and paddlers with smooth consistent long paddle strokes.  Perfect for distance paddling of any intensity!!!


Pro: 453 Gramms // Exp: 538 Gramms

Blade Surface Area: 90 sq. inches

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