My name is Tanja Ecker, born 1992 in a small town in Southern Germany I discovered Stand Up Paddling in 2013. 2017 I won my first race, still on my inflatable and that’s where my “404-Hippostick-journey” started.

I’m stoked for the support of the 404 and Hippostick crew and being part of the international team, which played a huge role for where I am now. After my stay in California in 2020 where I could train with Danny Ching, I could win my first German Championships. Fast forward to today I won 8 German National Titles, 4 Podiums at the SUP 11-City Tour with a win in 2022.

Beside being an athlete myself, I do the 404 and Hippostick Distribution in Europe based in Germany. In 2021 I came up with the idea to found the “404 Euro Squad” because I love to connect and bring people together. This is what I love about SUP, being out in the nature with friends and like-minded people.

More about the 404 SUP Board Sales in Europe -> find out more here!

I also offer SUP trainings, online programs, camps and organize events with my company Tanja Outdoors -> find out more here!

Besides the SUP sport I also work as a photographer -> find out more here!

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